“Knowledge is a treasure if you keep passing it to others” – Dheeraj


“Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art” – Margot Fonteyn

Jack Pallister

30 Glorious Years of Music Hall (2022)

Jack Pallister

Life on Mars (2020)

The Nutcracker (2017)

Jack Pallister

The IPPA Awards (2018)

Tui Cruises Rehearsals (2015)

Inside Out Rehearsals (2019)

Anita Dobson Jack Pallister

At Last, It’s Summer Rehearsals (2021)

Jack Pallister

Aladdin (2022)

Jack Pallister

Cockney Sing-Song (2022)

Jack Pallister

Jack & The Beanstalk (2016)

Jack Pallister

Man in The Mirror (2016)

Jack Pallister

Classic Ballet UK (2020-2023)

Princess & The Frog Rehearsals (2021)

Rocky Horror Show Concert (2018)

Peter Pan (2019)

Cinderella: The Ballet 


“Creativity is having a wild mind and a disciplined eye” – Dorothy Parker

Assistant Choreographer- At Last, It’s Summer- London Palladium (2023)

Choreographer- Goldilocks (2023)

Jack Pallister

Writer, Director & Choreographer- The Elf Express (2022)

Jack Pallister choreography

Choreographer- Viva Las Vegas (2021)

Jack Pallister Brick Lane

Choreographer: Robin Hood (2021)

Choreographer: Se7en (2018)

Choreographer, Writer- The Sundaes UK Tour (2021)

Choreographer: Brighton Christmas Festival (2021-2023)

Assistant Choreographer- Save Our Swans (2020)

Choreographer- EuroVibes (2021)

Choreographer- The Elves Save Christmas (2021)

Writer- Brightonton (2021)


Human is beautiful; perfect is boring- Anon

Nick Gutridge Photo Shoot

Vouge Italia Shoot 

Jack Pallister

Giuseppe Gradella Shoot

Lifestyle Fashion Show